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since 1984

At Rochaan Fabrics, our journey began with a deep passion for exquisite textiles. Founded by Sachu Manwani in 1984, we set out to supply the Middle East market with top-notch fabrics, offering a vibrant palette of colors and textures. Throughout the years, we've extensively explored a variety of textiles, sourcing materials globally. Additionally, this journey has firmly established us as the leading wholesalers of plain-dyed fabrics in the Middle East, providing a diverse range of high-quality materials. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement has positioned us as pioneers in the fabric industry.​


As trendsetters in the fabric industry, we have wholeheartedly dedicated ourselves to offering customers a diverse array of fabric choices while staying actively updated with the latest trends. Our extensive selection of materials not only showcases our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement but also ensures that we consistently provide the best options for our customers.


Our values include loyalty, hard work, innovation, efficiency, growth, and continuous learning. Importantly, we are proud to focus on environmental sustainability, making us one of the few textile companies in the Middle East with a collection of sustainable fabrics. Moreover, we actively support fashion academies by providing paid internships. This initiative allows students to delve into our diverse fabric options and seamlessly incorporate them into their projects.


We aim to be your go-to choice for plain-dyed fabrics and exceptional customer service. Join us on this exciting journey as we lead the way toward a future filled with innovation and style.

Sustainable Fashion
At Rochaan Fabrics, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to forging a more sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Our journey commences with a steadfast commitment to sustainability, guided by a set of fundamental principles:

Respect For Nature

We strongly believe in the inherent value of the natural world and are dedicated to diminishing our environmental impact. This commitment drives us to use eco-friendly materials, decrease waste generation, and actively pursue sustainable sourcing options.

Empowering Communities

We strongly believe in the inherent value of the natural world and actively commit to minimizing our environmental impact. To fulfill this commitment, we use eco-friendly materials, employ waste reduction measures, and actively pursue sustainable sourcing alternatives.

Continuous Innovation

We are committed to fostering innovation and continually enhancing our products and processes to achieve greater sustainability. We reject the ordinary; instead, we persistently strive for improvement. In a world where the fashion industry has often been associated with excess, we actively reshape the narrative.


We highly prioritize honesty and transparency. Our objective is to offer you a clear understanding of the origins, production processes, and impact of our products. That’s why we are dedicated to furnishing you with the information necessary to make informed and sustainable choices.


We’re excited to work with schools, universities, and platforms that support the growth of future designers and manufacturers. We actively look for chances to introduce aspiring talents to the world of textiles.


1 –  Returns: are accepted within 7 days following the below terms: 

  • Only if there is a defect in fabric
  • The correct barcode should be attached to the roll
  • Barcode should be in good condition without any alterations

2 –  Exchange: are accepted within 7 days following the below terms: 

  • Correct barcode attached to the roll
  • It should be in new condition, not altered
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